Perfect Apartments in Wichita for Naturalists Like Us

Perfect Apartments in Wichita for Naturalists Like Us

Some families are into football watching on TV. Some like to ride bicycles together. I know a couple that really does have a bicycle built for two. Some couples and families just do their own separate things. My wife and I share pretty much the same interests. We both read a lot, and the only difference there is I like tech books and she likes mysteries and romance. When we were online looking for Wichita KS apartments for our move, we found a place that we just had to tour the very next day. We actually took a day off to go see the place.

The thing we could not get over is that the apartment complex has a very sizeable lake that is stocked with fish for the residents. I’m thinking how we could have our own private lake that we only share with our neighbors. My wife was thinking fishing, boating, kayaking and her continued education course of biological studies. She needed an accessible natural area with water for her ongoing studies. Having a lake just outside would be wonderful.

The apartment we toured has three bedrooms, and we rented it the very same day. There was a rowboat we were able to borrow to go out on the 22-acre lake. It felt just right. You know how home feels. You cannot articulate it, but you know it when you feel it. That is how we both felt about the Twin Lake apartment complex. We liked the floor plan, and the kitchen was just perfect for us. We had room for an office and still had a spare bedroom. Plus, our two mutts were welcome.

There is extra storage available for us to keep our kayaks and other outdoor gear, and I thought they had one saltwater swimming pool, but they actually have five. No crowded swimming pools here.

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